Methods For Making Manufacturing Businesses More Friendly For The Environment

The truth is that manufacturing businesses tend to produce a high percentage of the waste that goes into the environment on a yearly basis. That's why it's important to find ways to reduce this waste whenever possible. Here's a guide about waste in the manufacturing industry and ways to cut down on it.

The Problem of Manufacturing Waste

It's common to think that the main contributors to waste that can harm the environment are individuals. But this is often not the case. According to North Carolina State University, even just a single state like North Carolina produces 7 million tons of waste per year, and over 70 percent of this comes from industrial and commercial businesses.

Fortunately, there are a number of new approaches to cutting down on both physical waste and energy waste that are now available.

Using Software to Reduce Energy Waste

Computers are getting more and more efficient at analyzing, identifying, and reducing waste. For example, there's new software available now that helps companies regulate their energy use for manufacturing production.  

An example is one particular company in the U.S. that used new software to reveal that it only needed 10 percent of the heat it was currently using to create its surfactant products. This means that the company had been wasting 90 percent of the energy it had been expending to manufacture its products without even realizing it.

Another example is a car manufacturer that was able to use such software to identify areas within its ventilation structures that it could optimize. This allowed it to reduce the amount of initial energy the company needed to produce its cars.

Software for Reducing Solid Waste

Manufacturing software can also perform chemical analysis to help you realize just how many particulars are required to achieve a particular result. If you're using more of something than necessary, especially if this particular material causes a lot of waste, then you may be producing more strain on the environment then you even need to be.

Since it's such a huge task to run a manufacturing company, it really is the kind of thing that requires as much computer assistance as possible. Algorithms that run all parts of production, including heating and cooling, are essential for making sure you've optimized the process.

It's particularly important to do this with industrial companies considering the large drain on energy that they represent, which has direct consequences on the environment. Consult a company like JobPack to learn more about software that can help your company optimize its energy efficiency.