Fuel Costs Giving You The Winter Blues? 4 Clever Ways To Lower Your Heating Costs

The cost for heating and cooling your home can account for as much as half of your utility bill. However, the amount you pay is not entirely out of your control. There are several ways you can lower your heating costs. In addition to purchasing an energy-efficient furnace, you can lower your heating bill simply by changing a few things you do around the home. Following are just a few clever ways you can lower your heating costs without making a huge investment of time or money.

Take Advantage of The Sun's Heat

You can take advantage of solar energy even if you don't have solar panels. All you have to do is keep your drapes open while the sun is shining, which will make your home feel much warmer. On particularly sunny days, you will notice that your furnace runs less often if you leave the drapes open. However, leaving the drapes open at night or on cloudy days can make your home feel cooler. Keep drapes closed at these times to insulate your home against cold air. 

Turn off Your Exhaust Fans

If you run your bath or kitchen exhaust fan excessively, you will essentially pump warm air out of your home. During the winter, be mindful of how long you run exhaust fans. While they are necessary while you're cooking or showering, turn them off a few minutes after you complete each activity. If you're baking or doing something else that doesn't generate humidity or steam, consider leaving your exhaust fan off so you can retain the heat generated from these activities. 

Keep Things Clean

Dirty filters, air registers, and baseboard heaters can make your heating system less efficient. Be sure to change your fiberglass furnace filter each month to maximize your furnace's efficiency. If you have an electrostatic or HEPA filter, be sure to change it at least twice during the heating season. Also, take care to keep your registers clean throughout the season. 

Turn Down Thermostat

If you're going to be away from home or are sleeping, lower the setting on your thermostat. For each degree that you turn your thermostat down, you can expect to save 3 percent on your energy bill for that time period. As you can imagine, savings will really add up if you simply lower your settings when you're not at home. 

Your heating bill can have a dramatic impact on your finances. To lessen the impact, make sure that your furnace is as efficient as it can be and implement clever saving measures. 

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