The Right Candy Boxes Can Make Your Sales Even Sweeter

Whether your business makes confections or just sells them, having the right boxes and displays can entice customers and make your profits even sweeter. It is important to consider the different candies and how to best show them off to the patrons. While looking over the different candy box options for the products, keep these few things in mind, and you will be surprised at how many more you sell.

Counter Display

Having individual candies on display on the counter will often attract attention. However, if they are not displayed properly, people are not going to buy them. The pieces need to be protected from people just touching them and from dirt and dust in the air. Each piece should be individually wrapped in a clear wrapper so people can see what they are getting. In addition, it is a good idea to have a plastic box with a clear cover. This will allow customers to lift the cover and take out what they want without harming the other pieces.

Bulk Bins

When you have individual pieces in bulk, you probably have a plastic bin with a clear plastic cover that allows people to use tongs and pick out how much they want. You should provide bags or boxes for them to place them in. It is a good idea to use wax-coated bags or boxes so the candy does not stick to the containers. These containers do not need to be clear as the customer has already seen the candies. However, it would be nice to also offer boxes that have a clear plastic section in the top in case the box is to be given as a gift. In this case, you should also provide candy trays or individual cups to make the gift more attractive.

Specialty Containers

Whether you sell candy from bulk bins or individual pieces, you may consider offering specialty containers too. These can be sold separately to compensate for their cost. You can choose to have heart-shaped cardboard boxes, a set of different-sized boxes for multiple types of candies, or decorative cellophane bags. You may allow the customers to pick an choose what they would like in these containers or perhaps have a few premade sets for people in a hurry.

When people see sweets in a nice box or nicely displayed, they are more likely to make a purchase. Don't just toss a box of confections on the counter and expect to sell them quickly. Give your patrons something aesthetically pleasing to look at, and they will find a reason to need it.