Three Eye-Catching Pattern Prints For Your Shipping Boxes

Most of the boxes that people get in the mail when they order a product have a bland design. White boxes are common, while brown kraft cardboard boxes are also prevalent. While these boxes can do the job of getting a product from the store to the customer, they don't have an overly enticing appearance. Many companies order custom shipping boxes because of the ability to choose an eye-catching print for the exterior of the box. This look can help to make your boxes look unique. Here are three pattern prints that you may wish to consider. 


Plaid has a rustic and cozy look that may work well for your brand. It can be fun to look at different plaid patterns and choose one that your custom shipping box company can print on the exterior of your boxes. This idea can work well if you sell all sorts of different products. For example, if you sell plaid shirts, plaid pajamas, or plaid scarves and mittens, it can be fun to use this type of box. People who buy your products and receive multiple boxes in the mail on a given day will have no doubt about which box your plaid product is in.

Polka Dots

Most people find that polka dots can have a fun look, which can make this a good pattern for many companies to have on their shipping boxes. One of the fun things about choosing a polka dot pattern is that you have the choice of all different colors. For example, you'll not only get to choose what color you want the dots to be, but you'll also be able to specify the background color. If you use two specific colors in your company's branding, you may want your polka dot print to feature these two hues.


A camouflage design can be another good pattern to have printed on the exterior of your custom shipping boxes. This design can suit many businesses. For example, if you sell miniature military figurines, you may feel that a camouflage box design will tie in well with your business. A camouflage pattern can feature standard shades of brown and green, but it can also feature more upbeat hues. For example, a digital camouflage design on your box with various shades of gray and neon can offer an enticing look.

Keep these pattern prints in mind when you order custom shipping boxes. Contact a local service provider to learn more about custom shipping boxes